How Do I Drop 10 Pounds Fast?


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Exercising the lower legs works major muscle groups, which can help with quick weight loss, according to Shape. Compound exercises, which work multiple joints at once, can help burn more fat, as can cardio workouts that are intensity-based.

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Shape further notes that it is important to push it to the max when doing cardio exercices and interval training. If a person can talk during a workout, then the cardio sessions are not intense enough to encourage fast weight loss. Doing strength exercises before cardio is another way to boost weight loss, according to World of Diets. Using free weights instead of relying on machines is also more effective.

Dietary considerations include drinking eight glasses of water a day to support the body, according to World of Diets. More than eight glasses are necessary when doing intense workouts. Consuming various spices, such as garlic and cinnamon, can aid in losing weight as well. Avoid junk food of any kind and replace sugary snacks with fruits. Alcohol should also be cut from the diet. Increasing protein intake is essential, along with adding more healthy fats, such as olive oil and avocados.

World of Diets also recommends avoiding stress and getting at least seven hours of sleep when trying to lose weight. Trying to be as active as possible is crucial as well, and this includes not sitting for too long. Starting the day with a short workout is part of an active regimen.

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