Are Driving Jobs Good for Retirees?

Driving jobs are one of the best options for retirees, according to Sienna Kossman for U.S. News & World Report. Flexible hours, a snowbird lifestyle and the free training available from many companies make driving a solid option for retirees looking for part- or full-time work to supplement their incomes.

Driving jobs available for retirees include shuttle and tour bus services, school bus operations and limo driving for special events. The flexible schedule these jobs provide makes it easier for retirees to honor other commitments, and wages around the $13 to $14 mark per hour offer a smart solution for supplementing retirement income. Driving buses cross-country also allows retirees a chance to view new parts of the country or spend more time in areas where the weather is nice for a particular time of year.

Retirees looking for driving jobs should remain insured. They must have a current, valid driver’s license, and many jobs require specialized training for vehicle operation. These include long-haul trucking jobs and tour or cross-country bus coach positions. Local airports and schools can help retirees find shuttle and bus jobs, and candidates must often also pass physicals and background checks before being allowed to shuttle around the public.