How Do You Drive After a Right Hip Replacement?


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Individuals who have undergone a right hip replacement may return to normal driving activities four to eight weeks after surgery, but only if they are no longer taking narcotic medication, according to WebMD and Emory Healthcare. Individuals who drive a vehicle that has a manual transmission may need more time.

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During the first few weeks following surgery, the patient may need to rely on walkers or crutches to move on his own, explains WebMD. To prevent the hip from bending at more than a 90-degree angle or becoming strained, the patient's physician may advise him not to sit on low-level chairs, to use an elevated toilet seat, to avoid crossing the legs and not to raise the right knee higher than the right hip. The patient may also need to work with a physical therapist to learn how to perform basic exercises and to do basic activities, such as dressing and cooking, without harming the new hip.

The hip may not heal completely until as long as six months after replacement surgery, claims WebMD. After the pain from the procedure subsides, any pain that existed prior to surgery dissipates, and the artificial joint typically lasts between 10 and 20 years.

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