Does Drinking Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight?

drinking-lemon-water-lose-weight Credit: Chris Stein/Stone/Getty Images

According to Fox News Magazine, there are no certified scientific studies that prove drinking water with lemon juice or whole lemons helps with weight loss. Lemon does not specifically provide a weight-loss boost. However, replacing high-calorie or empty-calorie drinks such as sodas, coffee, and sports drinks with lemon water may reduce the amount of calories consumed per day.

Fox News Magazine states that drinking more water in general may aid in weight loss given that water has no calories; and, the human body is made of 60-70% water. Adding other flavors such as basil, mint, strawberries, limes or cucumbers is another way to add zest to water.

The Huffington Post lists multiple reasons for drinking lemon water, such as: hydration, bad breath, boosting one's immune system or liver functions. Drinking lemon water may also have other benefits, although they may not directly aid in weight loss or digestion. Athletes can replace sports drinks after a workout with lemon water to help rehydrate, or drink warm water with lemon to reduce phlegm when sick with a cold or the flu. Lemon water may also help with joint or arthritis pain. It provides vitamin C to boost immune systems and improve general skin health.