What Are Some Drills You Can Do to Increase Your Running Speed?


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Drills to increase running speed include straights and curves, fast arms and squats. Once a runner has proper sprinting form, sprinting is another useful drill for increasing speed.

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Straights and curves occur at a track, although the runner can modify the exercise for other locations. The runner walks around the curves of the track and runs for the straight portions. The run should be at a fast pace, but below a sprint.

To perform the fast arms drill, the runner stands straight up with feet shoulder-width apart. He holds both arms with elbows bent at 90-degree angles and pumps the arms back and forth through a sprinting motion as fast as possible for about 20 seconds.

To perform squats, the runner stands with feet shoulder-width apart and sits down so the hips are level with the knees. He pushes his buttocks back while doing this and doesn't let the knees go past the toes. Body weight squats help the runner get the form correct. After that, he can add weights.

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