What Is the Dr. Weil Anti-Inflammatory Diet?


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The Dr. Weil anti-inflammatory diet is a food plan aimed at decreasing inflammation in the body, states DrWeil.com. Chronic inflammation is responsible for various diseases, such as heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and cancer, according to Dr. Andrew Weil. The anti-inflammatory diet aims to prevent diseases with eating habits.

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The anti-inflammatory diet consists of a balance of carbohydrates, fat, protein, phytonutrients and fiber, as DrWeil.com states. The diet places a heavy emphasis on the consumption of fresh foods, fruits and vegetables and the avoidance of processed foods.

More colorful fruits and vegetables are better, as they increases phytonutrient and fiber content, according to Dr. Weil. In addition to advocating for the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, he also stresses the consumption of whole grains to fulfill the carbohydrate requirement of the anti-inflammatory diet, noting that whole wheat products have almost the same glycemic index as white flour products.

In terms of protein, the diet encourages increased consumption of vegetable protein, such as legumes and soy, in place of animal protein, indicates DrWeil.com. However, the diet does allow fish, indicating a preference for salmon due to its omega-3 fatty acids. Healthy fats, such as nuts and avocados are also on the diet, and Dr. Weil advocates drinking primarily water. Those who want to try this diet should consult with their personal physician before starting this plan.

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