Are Dr. Wallach's Suggestions About Supplemental Minerals Backed by Research?


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There is no evidence backing Dr. Wallach's claims that every disease is caused by mineral deficiencies and that they can be cured by taking colloidal mineral supplements, states Skeptic's Dictionary. While some medical conditions, are, indeed, caused by mineral deficiencies, research on colloidal minerals in particular is lacking, states WebMD.

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Dr. Joel Wallach promotes the usage of colloidal mineral supplements as a cure-all, according to Skeptic's Dictionary. As of 2015, the claims he makes are contrary to the current scientific evidence. There is no evidence that colloidal minerals are any more effective than other kinds of minerals, states WebMD.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that they are effective for any of the chronic conditions they are used for, such as regulating blood sugar levels, states MedicineNet. In addition, for patients with inherited diseases such as hemochromatosis and Wilson's disease, taking colloidal mineral supplements may actually make these conditions worse, WebMD reports.

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