Are Dr. Scholl's Foot Machines Effective?


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Dr. Scholl's foot machines are effective in that they provide arch support and a cushion for feet beyond what is normally built into shoes. Using one of the foot-mapping kiosks gives one an idea of the right insole for the foot's structure to improve impact on the joints and reduce pain in the feet.

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The foot-mapping kiosk analyses a person's weight-bearing footprint and recommends insole types based on the person's size and foot structure. The scanner records a static impression of the feet but does not take the mechanics of the foot into account and is not as reliable as a custom orthotic made by a specialist who molds the insert to the foot. However, over-the-counter products are worth trying before spending a lot on custom orthotic devices. They provide cushioning for impact and support the arch of the foot to keep the foot balanced and reduce joint and foot pain.

Kiosks are located at several retail stores, such as Wal-Mart or CVS Pharmacy. Some stores have trained staff to assist customers in the process. The kiosk first scans bare feet as one stands on the device and then scans each foot individually as one raises one foot at a time. A recommendation is then made using a number for the insole type. As of 2015, insoles are about $50, and there are 14 types of Dr. Scholl inserts from which to choose.

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