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Dr. Robert Beck was a physicist interested in the human brain, colloidal silver, electrical tuning and electromagnetic properties, according to the Sharing Health from the Heart Association. Beck's main body of work included the "Beck Protocol" that utilizes four tools that supposedly improve human health. Much of Beck's research has not been fully evaluated by the mainstream medical community. Dr. David Gorski, M.D., of Science-Based Medicine, calls Beck's treatments "pseudoscientific nonsense."

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Beck was born in 1925 and died in 2002. The Beck Protocol includes cleansing blood through small amounts of electricity, using magnetic pulses to rid lymph nodes of diseases, consuming colloidal silver and drinking freshly ozonated water. Colloidal silver and ozonated water produce better electrical currents in the blood when small amounts of current are applied. These treatments allegedly help cure patients with HIV/AIDS and destroy cancer cells. Much of Beck's research was done in the 1980s.

Gorski refutes Beck's protocol because mainstream medical science has been unable to replicate the results as of 2009. The only science Gorski finds in Beck's work is that electrical currents are used to produce DNA vaccines.

Gorski suggests patients rely on well-researched therapies, medical science and clinical trials rather than Beck's "personal experience" and "anecdotal evidence." Gorski believes many cancer patients try last-ditch efforts such as the Beck Protocol when all other attempts to control cancer have failed.

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