What Does Dr Oz Recommend in Terms of Daily Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements?

Dr. Mehmet Oz recommends a multivitamin that contains 100 percent of the recommended daily value of 12 essential nutrients, a calcium supplement with proper nutrients and fish oil. The cardiothoracic surgeon advocates these three basic supplements when nutrition from a daily diet is not enough to meet the body's daily needs.

Oz believes a good multivitamin contains 100 percent of recommended values of vitamins B, C and E. He also recommends a pill with iron and zinc, although most people do not need a multivitamin with iron. Oz explains consumers should avoid mega-doses that go above 100 percent. People need to take half of the multivitamin in the morning and half at night.

Oz recommends a calcium supplement that contains 600 milligrams of calcium, 400 milligrams of magnesium and 1,000 IU of vitamin D. Consumers should take this pill two hours after eating so the supplement does not block the absorption of other nutrients.

According to the doctor, a fish oil supplement must contain 600 milligrams of the DHA variety of omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil should be taken with breakfast to avoid "fishy burps" that may occur on an empty stomach. Oz believes fish oil can lower the risk of heart attack and breast cancer.

The doctor also recommends a small dose of baby aspirin to prevent a heart attack and stroke. Patients should take two pills daily after consulting a doctor.