Does Dr. Joel Fuhrman Approve of Eating Garlic?


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Dr. Joel Fuhrman approves of eating garlic, which has positive effects on the immune and cardiovascular systems and properties to combat cancer and diabetes, according to his official website. Dr. Fuhrman recommends eating garlic every day to help prevent chronic disease and to promote a long, healthy life.

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Garlic is a nongreen, nonstarchy vegetable full of phytochemicals and fiber. Like mushrooms, onions and eggplant, garlic is a crucial part of a diet to prevent or reverse diabetes, and it has virtually no effect on blood glucose, notes Dr. Fuhrman. Garlic is in the Allium family of vegetables, and studies show eating more Allium vegetables can lower the risk of developing prostate and gastric cancers. Compounds in the vegetables detoxify carcinogens and halt growth of cancerous cells.

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