What Is the Dr. Ian Smith 4-Day Diet Plan?


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Dr. Ian Smith’s 4-day diet plan is a program that incorporates diet and exercise, outlines seven goal-oriented four-day phases, and is based on Dr. Smith’s 80-20 rule, which states that 80 percent of dieting is mental and 20 percent is physical, states DietsinReview.com. Each of the seven phases has a different focus, but they work together to bring about positive changes to the mind and body.

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The first phase, known as Induction, focuses on cleansing and detox work, notes WebMD. Phase two, Transition, involves the reintroduction of all food groups, while phase three, Protein Stretch, focuses on eating lots of healthy proteins. The fourth phase, Smooth, is a 4-day period of backing off some food restrictions, followed by the fifth phase, Push, in which the dietary restrictions are much stricter and exercise is more intense. The final two phases, Pace and Vigorous, allow for a brief relaxation before a final push to drop the last few pounds toward a goal weight.

Dr. Ian Smith’s 4-day diet plan teaches the power of the mind in self-control and the discipline of healthy eating, and it is suitable for vegetarians. It includes a varied diet and leads to making healthier food choices in the future, states DietsinReview.com. The name of the 4-day diet can be misleading in that the 4-day diet is actually a month-long diet.

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