What Is Dr. Gabriel Cousens' Role in Diabetes Research?


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Dr. Gabriel Cousens is a proponent of a vegan diet in order to treat and cure diabetes, especially type 2, according to the Tree of Life Center. The three-week program has been in operation for over 35 years, as of 2015.

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Dr. Cousens treats diabetes at the Tree of Life Center in Arizona, which has drawn guests from more than 100 countries since 1995, states the company website. Dr. Cousens believes in a holistic approach to healing. In order to cure diabetes, he claims patients must institute not only dietary changes, but also nutritional, lifestyle, exercise, meditation and psycho-spiritual awareness training.

The Tree of Life website and holistic health coach Scott Mathias state that, using the program, 28 percent of type 2 diabetes patients reversed their diabetes after three weeks with no insulin, with a fasting blood sugar of less than 100. Sixty percent of type 2 diabetes patients were off all oral medication after three weeks, with a fasting blood sugar of less than 100. The center claims that 100 percent of all pre-diabetes patients were healed.

The three-week program starts with vegetable juices at first, implementing a juice fast detoxification process, followed by a 100-percent organic and nutritional vegan diet.

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