Do Dr. Bernstein's Diet Tips Work?


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Dr. Bernstein's diet has effectively controlled blood sugar levels for many people on his plan, reports About.com. The diet does require a considerable amount of discipline, particularly in the area of carbohydrate restriction, and his theories regarding the effects of eating a lot of vegetables at once are in question.

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Do Dr. Bernstein's Diet Tips Work?
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Dr. Bernstein has set a goal for blood glucose levels at 85 milligrams, well below the levels for prediabetes (100 mg) and diabetes (126 mg), as of 2015. While this level is lower than that set by other dietitians, there is significant research supporting his ideas. Because of the simplicity of the plan, many people have succeeded in hitting that target level, following the easy and clear rules, according to About.com.

Dr. Bernstein's diet restricts carbohydrates to a very low level, and it requires a significant amount of motivation to stick with his plan. Some people struggle getting the right amount of phytonutrients every day, as they are not present in supplements. The plan also incorporates a one-size-fits-all approach that, according to some researchers, does not take into account the differences among individuals on the diet. Dr. Bernstein also advocates a diet low in total volume, suggesting that people who eat fibrous, bulky foods have a blood sugar spike resulting from an intestinal response, but that remains under question, notes About.com. The diet appears to work well for those who follow it, as stated by About.com.

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