How Do You Download a Simple Printable Chart to Track Blood Pressure?

To download a simple, printable chart for tracking blood pressure, one can visit the American Heart Association's website, click on the Conditions tab, scroll over High Blood Pressure, and then click on High Blood Pressure Tools and Resources. The printable tracker can be downloaded from this page, as of 2015.

Blood pressure is the measure of the force of blood against the blood vessel walls, as defined by WebMD. A variety of factors can lead to high blood pressure, including genetics, high sodium, smoking and being overweight. Since high blood pressure is a medical condition with no visible or physical symptoms, monitoring blood pressure is an important practice for managing overall heart health. If left untreated, high blood pressure can have deadly consequences, according to the American Heart Association.

To accurately fill in the blood pressure tracker, one uses a blood pressure monitoring machine to take two or three readings, each 1 minute apart, with his back straight and feet planted on the floor. One should avoid smoking, drinking caffeine or exercising 30 minutes before taking a blood pressure reading. One should also record each reading on the chart, noting the date and time it was taken. The American Heart Association recommends having the blood pressure monitor checked by a physician at least once per year to ensure accurate readings.