How Do You Download a Fisher & Paykel CPAP Manual?


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To download a Fisher & Paykel CPAP manual, navigate to the appropriate Fisher & Paykel Web page, find the desired manual, and click Download. The manual automatically downloads to your computer or opens in a new window or tab on your screen. Fisher & Paykel provides free, downloadable manuals for its SleepStyle 200, 240 and 600 CPAP systems, as well brochures, specification sheets, catalogs and user instructions, according to the company website.

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Fisher & Paykel makes several CPAP models designed to help patients with sleep apnea keep breathing at night. Special features of Fisher & Paykel CPAP machines include Ambient Tracking Plus to increase temperature and compensate for moisture loss in the event of a leak, and Leak Compensation to increase the CPAP machine's motor speed to compensate for any leaks. All Fisher & Paykel CPAP machines reduce pressure automatically when they sense that the patient has awakened to provide greater comfort for patients intolerant of the machine's pressure; the pressure reduction takes between 30 and 120 seconds, as Fisher & Paykel notes.

Fisher & Paykel CPAP machines also use a controlled heated breathing tube humidifier rather than a conventional humidifier to decrease nasal symptoms and condensation. This results in a better sleep environment, higher quality sleep and a CPAP experience that's more comfortable overall, according to Fisher & Paykel.

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