How Do You Download Acupuncture Charts for Free?


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As of December 2015, download acupuncture charts for free from the Chiropractic Resource Organization. The Acupuncture Charts page offers a variety of PDF charts. Click on any for the free download. A comprehensive downloadable acupuncture chart is also on the website of the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences.

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One of the documents from the Acupuncture Charts page is a 39-page atlas that indicates all acupuncture points throughout the body, the Chiropractic Resource Organization shows. The booklet describes the location of each point. Warnings note when a point is very near an artery.

The page also contains a Korean hand acupuncture chart and a cardinal points chart, according to the Chiropractic Resource Organization. The hand chart displays specific points and exhibits the body parts with which they are associated. The cardinal chart reveals the major points associated with specific conditions, functions and areas of the body. In addition to acupuncture charts, the page has documents for alarm points, Chinese auriculotherapy and the five elements.

On the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences' Articles page, click on Acupuncture Chart-Main Meridians. The next page has a diagram with meridians and acupuncture points. Clicking on the illustration accesses a downloadable PDF with four pictures of the head and front, back and side body.

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