What Are DoTERRA Oils?


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doTerra oils are a brand of essential oils, according to the doTerra website. Made through the distillation of plants, these oils are used therapeutically in aromatherapy, topical application to the skin and, in some cases, they are taken internally. Extracted through a low-heat steam distillation process, the water and oils are separated from the plants and then from each other.

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doTerra oils are highly concentrated plant extracts and must be used with caution, according to doTerra. The company recommends consulting with someone who is knowledgeable about essential oils before using them for the first time. While generally considered to be safe, essential oils must not be used in or around the eyes, inside the ears or on open wounds. Only essential oils with "Nutritional Facts" printed on the label should ever be taken internally. Women who are pregnant or nursing are advised to consult a doctor before using essential oils.

doTerra essential oils are available as single extracts as well as blends designed to promote certain benefits, such as calming, respiratory health, massage, invigoration and soothing, according to doTerra. The company also sells nutritional supplements; beauty products, such as lotions; and cleaning products made using various blends of the company's essential oils to promote overall health and wellness. doTerra oils are available online and through independent product consultants.

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