How Do You Donate Blood to a Plasma Bank?

How Do You Donate Blood to a Plasma Bank?

To donate plasma or other related bodily fluids to a plasma bank, identify a collection center, produce identification documents, accept initial tests and donate blood. Plasma donation is strictly regulated by the government to ensure high standards of safety, notes Donating Plasma.

Plasma is the pale yellow component of blood that contains clotting properties and basic nutrients, states the Central Blood Bank. Individuals can donate whole blood, plasma or platelets. Adhere to the following steps to donate any component of blood.

  1. Produce proof of identity
  2. Identify a local plasma or blood donation center and talk to its staff regarding requirements. Produce proof of residence, current photo and Social Security identification.

  3. Allow for initial examination
  4. Allow the center's staff to carry out initial tests to determine personal safety. Donors must be healthy and weigh at least 130 lbs. These requirements may vary slightly depending on the center's policies.

  5. Donate blood
  6. Go to the donation room and allow the center's technician to apply antiseptic to the arm. The technician will insert a needle into the arm and begin the donation process.

  7. Complete the process
  8. After 2 hours, the technician will remove the needle and take the blood to secure storage facility. Some donation center's provide monetary compensation to those who donate.