How Do Doctors Use Pictures of Viral Pinkeye to Treat the Illness?

Doctors do not use photos of viral pinkeye to diagnose or treat the condition, according to Mayo Clinic. Instead, the health history of the patient and any symptoms associated with the condition are taken into account, along with a sample of eye secretions for laboratory testing in some cases in order to diagnose and treat pinkeye.

Most often there is no treatment that is available or that helps viral conjunctivitis or viral pinkeye, states Mayo Clinic. A doctor may prescribe an antiviral medication if the viral pinkeye is caused by the herpes simplex virus. It is very common for viral conjunctivitis to infect one eye and spread to the other eye very quickly, typically within a few days. The signs and symptoms associated with viral pinkeye most often clear up within one to two weeks as the virus runs its course.

Viral pinkeye is typically caused by an adenovirus, according to WebMD. The adenovirus is a virus common to the respiratory system that causes a sore throat and upper respiratory infection. Viral pinkeye is very contagious and spreads easily, often caused by poor hand-washing habits. Sharing a washcloth or towel with a person who has pinkeye can spread the infection.