What Doctors Are UnitedHealthcare Providers?


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Patients insured by the UnitedHealthcare network can locate health care providers, including doctors, through the company's search portion of the website. Patients may peruse a specific plan to find out what providers serve a particular area, or individuals can search a general directory of doctors.

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Users input a physician name, doctor's group, clinic name or facility into the search bar on UnitedHealthcare's provider search portion of the website. Patients can also search by specialty or by conditions treated by doctors. Consumers can search anywhere in the United States or click Change Address to find doctors in a specified area. Common searches include all primary care physicians, and this search produces every doctor within all networks. The first 1,000 doctors are listed in alphabetical order.

Patients may limit doctor searches by specialty, doctors accepting new patients and UnitedHealth premium tier-one providers on the search page. This Web page lists 20 doctors per page and 50 pages total. As of March 2015, the entire directory contains more than 219,000 doctors. UnitedHealthcare has online directories for physicians in more than 30 networked plans.

The search portal lets patients search for doctors who provide services based on the type of insurance. Patients are also able to locate doctors who take Medicare and Medicaid. UnitedHealthcare has directories for hospitals, mental health facilities and dentists.

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