How Do Doctors Treat Lung Disease Caught at an Early Stage?


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Doctors treat lung disease caught at an early stage by making sure all immunizations are up to date, monitoring the disease and encouraging the patient to stop smoking, explains WebMD. Although there is no cure for lung disease, the symptoms can be better managed when caught early.

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How Do Doctors Treat Lung Disease Caught at an Early Stage?
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The most critical factor in slowing the loss of lung function is stopping smoking, advises Drugs.com. If this advice is taken to heart in the early stages of lung disease, the progression of the disease in the later stages is less severe. Some of the earliest symptoms of lung disease include coughing and changes in breathing, states WebMD. If an individual with these symptoms is a smoker and over the age of 45, then he should see a medical professional immediately.

Even the later stages of lung disease and symptoms such as shortness of breath can be improved through medical intervention and an increase in daily exercise, according to WebMD. Oxygen therapy can decrease breathlessness and help prolong life expectancy and quality, states Drugs.com. Some patients are given inhalers and corticosteroids to open up the lungs. Another possible treatment is pulmonary rehabilitation, a type of physical therapy that helps patients improve their stamina.

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