What Doctors Are Qualified to Perform a Trigger Finger Surgery?


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Hand surgeons are qualified to perform trigger finger surgery, according to the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. These surgeons receive additional training in orthopedic or general surgery to treat conditions, such as trigger finger, that affect tendons, joints, muscles and nerves in hands and wrists.

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What Doctors Are Qualified to Perform a Trigger Finger Surgery?
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Patients with trigger finger may need to complete nonsurgical treatments such as cortisone injections, and may have to complete physical therapy that includes hand and finger stretches and ice therapy before surgery, reports MedicineNet. Anti-inflammatory medications such as ibprofen and naproxen may also help relieve pain and reduce inflammation of tendons. If nonsurgical treatments fail, hand surgeons typically recommend surgery to treat trigger finger and to prevent the condition from happening in the future.

Surgical options for trigger finger include removing damaged and inflamed tissue surrounding tendons or cutting the tendon sheath to allow the infected tendon to function normally, states MedicineNet. Because hands and wrists are made up of many small, delicate structures, only trained hand surgeons should perform hand and wrist surgery, according to the ASSH.

Most trigger finger patients receive surgical treatments under local anesthesia in the hand surgeon's office, reports the ASSH. Patients may need to continue physical therapy until the tendon heals. Those who receive surgery for trigger finger do not typically experience a recurrence.

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