What Doctors Perform Naturopathic Medicine?


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Medical professionals and doctors in a variety specialties and naturopaths, also called naturopathic doctors, are the types of doctors who practice naturopathic medicine, explains the American Cancer Society. However, no scientific evidence supports naturopathy as a valid form of treatment, and in some cases, naturopathy is harmful.

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Naturopathic doctors receive training at naturopathy-specific schools, notes the American Cancer Society. While these schools are accredited in some states, graduates of naturopathic schools are not eligible for any state-issued medical licenses. Naturopaths who are self-taught or apprenticed to another naturopathic doctor call themselves naturopathic doctors, even though they lack any formal medical training.

Some licensed doctors and other medical professionals, such as nurses, dentists or nutritionists, integrate naturopathic techniques into their regular medical practice, says the American Cancer Society. However, there is no formal education or certification procedure.

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