How Does a Doctor Treat an Enlarged Heart?


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A doctor treats an enlarged heart with medication first, then with medical devices or surgery if needed, according to Mayo Clinic. The exact treatment depends on the condition causing the enlargement of the heart.

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How Does a Doctor Treat an Enlarged Heart?
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There are a number of medications that can treat an enlarged heart depending on the cause, as explained by Mayo Clinic. For enlarged hearts caused by cardiomyopathy, diuretics may be used to lower sodium and water in the body. This helps to ease the pressure on the heart. Another type of medication that is commonly used is an angiotensin-converting enzyme, or ACE inhibitor. These work by lowering the blood pressure of the patient. Beta blockers are medications that do the same.

If medication is not enough, pacemakers are sometimes used to help treat an enlarged heart, as stated by Mayo Clinic. These medical devices work by coordinating the beats from both sides of the heart. An implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, or ICD, is another device used to treat an enlarged heart. It sends small electrical shocks to control the beating of the heart. If these devices do not work, surgery may be an option. Available surgical procedures include heart valve surgery, coronary bypass surgery and a heart transplant.

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