What Is the Doctor-Recommended Diet for Kidney Stone Patients?

A kidney stone patient's diet depends on the type of kidney stone he has, according to MedlinePlus. He will need to drink extra water and fluids and consume more of some foods while cutting back on others.

Drinking lots of fluids dilutes the urine and makes it harder for kidney stones to form, explains MedlinePlus. Examples of fluids include water, ginger ale and fruit juices. Patients should stay away from caffeine as it causes dehydration.

Patients with calcium stones should limit their salt intake and consume only two or three servings of calcium a day. They should also eat citrus fruits, eat a low-fat diet and limit their protein intake. Patients who have calcium oxalate stones should limit their oxalate intake. Examples of foods that contain oxalate include tea, instant coffee, chocolate, beets and strawberries. Patients who have uric acid stones should consume citric fruits and carbohydrates, states MedlinePlus. They should avoid fatty foods and foods that have lots of uric acid.