How Do You Get a Doctor to Prescribe You Percocet?

In order for a doctor to prescribe Percocet to a patient, the doctor must believe that the patient needs the drug. As Percocet is used for pain, the patient must convince the doctor that they are in pain. The pain can be in any part of their body and it can exist on its own, like back pain or it can be related to another illness, like cancer.

Percocet comes in tablets, and it contains oxycodone and acetaminophen. Oxycodone is an opiod painkiller, and acetaminophen is a non-opiate analgesic and fever reducer. Unfortunately, Percocet can be addictive, and it is often linked to drug abuse.

Because so many people use Percocet recreationally, doctors are aware that patients often try to get the drug when they do not really need it. This can make doctors extra cautious when prescribing the drug, and for this reason, it can be hard for some patients to get a prescription.

The best way for a patient to get a Percocet prescription is to prove that they really need it. Ideally, patients should have some proof of their pain. For instance, if a patient is trying to get Percocet for back pain, the doctor may be more willing to write a prescription if the patient has records from a chiropractor or proof that they missed work due to pain.