How Does a Doctor Implant a Neurostimulator?


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A doctor performs a surgical procedure to implant a neurostimulator, making an incision about 2 to 4 inches long on the patient's back and implanting medical wires that provide the stimulation into the epidural space that surrounds the patient's spinal cord, according to Medtronic. The doctor makes an additional incision to create a space under the skin that holds the neurostimulator, which the doctor then connects to the medical wires.

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The additional incision is also usually 2 to 4 inches long, notes Medtronic. After all of the parts are in the proper position, the doctor closes the surgical cuts. The patient's recovery time and length of hospital stay vary depending on the location of the surgery. Some patients are able to leave the same day, while others must stay overnight.

Side effects might occur after the surgery, cautions Medtronic. The problems patients most frequently experience are infection or pain at the surgery site, movement of the medical wires or loss of effect of the therapy, states Medtronic. Strong electromagnetic interference can affect the neurostimulator system, leading to serious injury to the patient or damage to the neurostimulator. After the surgery, patients should avoid putting unnecessary stress on the incision area.

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