How Do You Find a Doctor Who Can Administer Chelation Therapy?


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To find a doctor to administer chelation therapy, contact the American Board of Clinical Medicine Toxicology, or visit its website, states Weil Lifestyle. Some alternative medicine practitioners also administer chelation therapy, notes Mayo Clinic.

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Chelation therapy is a process in which a health care professional injects a drug called a chelator into the bloodstream to bind to certain heavy metals, explains the National Capital Poison Center. The body then eliminates the resulting compound formed from the chelator and the metal through the urine. As of 2015 chelation therapy has only one approved use: treating heavy metal toxicity involving iron, lead, mercury and arsenic. Some practitioners believe chelation therapy is an effective treatment for coronary artery disease, damaged arteries, autism, cancer and Alzheimer's disease, although no scientific evidence supports these uses.

Chelation therapy has side effects that potentially include high blood pressure, headache, rash, low blood sugar and thrombophlebitis, which occurs when a blood clot and inflammation develop in a vein. High doses of chelation therapy correlate with serious and potentially fatal problems such as kidney damage and irregular heart rhythms, states WebMD. Doctors recommend against chelation therapy for children, pregnant women, or patients with heart failure or kidney problems. It's best for patients to consult their primary doctor before beginning chelation therapy.

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