What Is a DivaCup?

A DivaCup is a brand of menstrual cup designed to collect menstrual flow during a woman's period. Made of medical-grade silicone, the DivaCup is a bell-shaped container worn internally; it should be inserted low in the vaginal canal. According to its manufacturer, Diva International Inc,, the DivaCup is reusable and needs to be replaced annually.

According to Diva International Inc., a DivaCup can be worn for 10 to 12 hours at a time and is designed to protect completely against menstrual flow leakage. It isn't possible for it to get lost inside the vaginal canal. It should be emptied and washed out two or three times a day. One DivaCup holds about 1 ounce of menstrual flow; for most women, total menstrual flow is 1 to 2 ounces per cycle. There's no odor when wearing the DivaCup because menstrual blood only develops an odor when exposed to air.

The DivaCup fits all women, including teenage girls. It doesn't have to be removed for urination but should be removed before sexual intercourse, states Diva International Inc., Women who use internal birth control devices such as IUDs should be careful not to dislodge the device when inserting a DivaCup. The DivaCup is free of added dyes and chemicals to protect the vaginal canal's sensitive skin and prevent chemicals from leaching into the body.