Is Distilled Water Good for You?


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There are many conflicting reports about whether distilled water is good for humans, as it depends on the source of the water and how often a person drinks it. Distilled water is generally considered entirely safe to drink, as all impurities have been removed.

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The water that comes from the majority of residential water systems often contains lead, mercury and other heavy metals, as well as many other undesirable chemical compounds. However, when water is distilled through boiling, the majority of these potentially harmful compounds are removed.

Nonetheless, distilling water also removes all beneficial minerals from it, such as magnesium, iron, potassium and sodium. Water is the primary source of many of these trace minerals and electrolytes, which means a person can quickly develop mineral deficiencies by only drinking distilled water. In addition, distilled water is highly reactive and draws many of these electrolytes out of the body, further worsening the problem.

Distilled water is also known to absorb carbon dioxide when exposed to air, which can cause it to become highly acidic. This can then lead to the body becoming more acidic, potentially causing numerous health problems. Despite these problems, many doctors still claim people should try to drink only purified or distilled water.

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