How Do You Dissolve Bone Spurs?

A massage regimen combining heat on the calcified area with increased blood flow and tissue elasticity works to dissolve the bone spurs. Regular massage alone is not enough to dissolve the spurs in areas of the body with tough tissue surrounding affected joints, notes the Institute for Integrative Health Care.

Elevating the body part or joint with the spurs above the heart is helpful when necessary. This would not be part of dissolving a shoulder bone spur but would be with a heel spur, for example. Using a heating pad to send heat right to the point where the spurs form is the first part of the treatment. Massaging the tissue around the spurs builds flexibility. For example, when treating heel spurs, working the arch with circular movements and then moving down to the heel after the arch has become pliable yields the best results, as stated by the Institute for Integrative Health Care.

It is important to remember that heel spurs can be tender, even though the pain associated may come from nearby tissues. Monitoring patient comfort during the process is key, leading to adjustments in the depth of the massage as the patient permits. Multiple treatments are necessary to begin the dissolution process, but over time the spurs begin to dissolve, according to the Institute for Integrative Health Care.