What Are Some Disorders With Feeling Dizzy and Woozy As Symptoms?


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Some disorders with feeling woozy and dizzy as symptoms are anemia, low blood sugar, dehydration, drug side effects and anxiety disorders, explains Mayo Clinic. Dizziness and wooziness can also be results of injuries, infections, circulation problems and motion sickness.

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Wooziness and dizziness are symptoms of anemia because an individual with the condition suffers from a deficiency of red blood cells, which can cause constant fatigue and a lack of energy. Low blood sugar occurs in individuals suffering from diabetes, and light-headedness and dizziness accompany the condition. Medications can also cause dizziness or wooziness because certain medications bring about irregularities in a person's body that produce these sensations. Anxiety disorders can also display these symptoms because people suffering from them experience panic attacks characterized by irregular heartbeats and shortness of breath, notes Helpguide.org.

Dizziness and wooziness can occur together as a one-time thing or a chronic situation caused by a broken-down sense of balance. In addition to the more serious disorders, ailments that include the common cold, diarrhea and ear infections can cause vertigo, which essentially manifests as dizziness. Other causes of dizziness and wooziness are Meniere's disease and migraine headaches. Meniere's disease involves the build-up of fluid in a person's inner ear, causing similar symptoms.

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