How Do You Dislodge a Deeply Ingrown Underarm Hair?


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Release ingrown hairs in the underarm area by scrubbing the affected area in a circular motion with a toothbrush or by inserting a sterilized needle beneath the skin and guiding the hair out, according to Mayo Clinic. Individuals with recurring ingrown hairs should consult with a physician.

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An infected or bothersome hair can also be treated with a minor medical procedure, during which a physician creates an opening in the skin with a scalpel, according to WebMD. Once the hair is released from the opening, the physician may prescribe topical medications, such as antibiotic creams or steroids, to treat the infection and minimize inflammation.

Infected hair follicles can also cause abscesses to develop on the skin, according to Healthline. Treat abscessed hair follicles at home by applying warm compresses to the affected areas. The heat helps the bacteria rise to the surface and drain from the skin naturally.

It is important to consult with a physician if painful abscesses do not respond to home treatment, notes Healthline. Doctors often treat infected follicle abscesses with a drainage procedure, during which a physician applies topical numbing medications to the affected area and cuts it open. Once the abscess has drained, the doctor packs it with gauze to promote healing and prevent recurrence.

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