What Is a Dislocated Shoulder?


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A dislocated shoulder is an injury that occurs when the upper arm bone becomes displaced from the cup-shaped shoulder socket, according to Mayo Clinic. The shoulder is vulnerable to dislocation from falls and trauma because of its high mobility.

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What Is a Dislocated Shoulder?
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Shoulder dislocation is common in sporting activities such as football, rugby, soccer, skiing and hockey, notes WebMD. A dislocated shoulder requires prompt medical attention. Patients typically regain full shoulder function after a few weeks. However, in some cases the injury causes the shoulder joint to become unstable and susceptible to recurrent dislocations, states Mayo Clinic.

To treat shoulder dislocation, a doctor physically manipulates the shoulder to restore it, suggests wearing a sling for several weeks or performs surgery, says WebMD. The doctor also prescribes medication for pain and swelling.

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