What Diseases Can Be Prevented by Consuming Probiotics?


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Consuming probiotics can aid in reducing symptoms of or preventing irritable bowel syndrome, infectious diarrhea, some kinds of urinary issues and allergies. As of February 2015, research as to why probiotics provide specific health benefits towards specific diseases remains inconclusive.

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What Diseases Can Be Prevented by Consuming Probiotics?
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Probiotics are a type of organism that consists of live yeasts and bacteria. While probiotics are frequently used to promote general good health, they are commonly prescribed to treat digestive issues. The digestive system of the human body contains millions of different strains of live bacteria, many of which aid in the digestive process and help break down food into nutrients and waste products. Many probiotics are actually present in the body naturally.

Consuming additional probiotics, in the form of health supplements or foods such as yogurt, can help to replenish the body's natural supply. For example, when a person gets a bacterial infection, a doctor may prescribe him antibiotics as part of the recovery process. Sometimes, this can exterminate healthy bacteria as well as harmful bacteria, resulting in increased stomach sensitivity or digestive issues. Consuming additional probiotics soothes the stomach because it reintroduces the helpful bacteria, which allows the body to better digest food and restore balance within the entire digestive system.

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