What Are Some Diseases That Affect the Groin Area?


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Diseases that affect the groin area can be categorized as infections, sexually transmitted diseases, allergies or autoimmune disorders, explains Healthline. Infestations by insects such as scabies and pubic lice also affect the groin area, according to Skinsight.com.

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Infections that affect the pubic area include vaginal yeast infections, jock itch, balanitis and molluscum contagiosum, says Healthline. Diaper rush is an infection that affects the groin area in babies. Sexually transmitted diseases that affect the groin area include genital warts, genital herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis, states Mayo Clinic. Infestations by parasites on the groin area include pubic lice, body lice and scabies. Autoimmune diseases and allergies that affect the groin area include contact dermatitis, lichen planus and reiter syndrome.

Genital psoriasis affects the pubis, the genitals and the creases between the groin and thighs, explains the National Psoriasis Foundation. Individuals sometimes have a groin lump due to an inguinal hernia or a femoral hernia. Patients sometimes suffer from intertrigo in the groin area, which is a breakdown of skin due to moisture, states Skinsight.com. Childhood diseases such as measles, rubella and chicken pox have rashes that sometimes spread to the groin, according to Healthgrades. Men sometimes suffer from testicular cancer, which has symptoms such as pain and swelling of the testicles, explains Healthline.

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