What Are Some Diseases That Affect the Excretory System?

Some of the diseases that affect the excretory system are nephritis, kidney stones and cystitis. The excretory system helps to remove liquid waste from the body. Any failure of this system causes the waste products to circulate throughout the body, creating complications for the whole body.

Nephritis is the swelling of one or both kidneys. The body’s organs get infected by means of autoimmune malfunctions. Among the disorders, lupus nephritis is a serious illness. The autoimmune system of the human body attacks body tissues and also body cells. This leads to aching in the beginning and progresses to impairment of body organ function.

Another disease of the excretory system, kidney stones, is small-sized accumulations of calcium, which are generally observed in the nephrons. The stones can cause tremendous pain and can lead to more serious problems. The primary cause is modification of or increase in salt levels and other elements in urine. Heredity can also be a contributory factor for kidney stones.

The swelling of the bladder is known as cystitis. The bladder stores urine until it is released by the body. The bladder is an area where bacteria can grow easily, leading to its swelling. This disease may arise because of bacterial infection, the effect of medications, utilizing a catheter for a long period of time and undetected ailments.