What Are Diseases That Affect the Bowel?


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One of the most common diseases that affects a person's bowels is called irritable bowel syndrome, according to Healthline. This condition is identified when frequent gastrointestinal problems interfere with a person's everyday life.

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Crohn's disease is another disease that can affect a person's bowels, states Healthline. The disease is an inflammatory disease that results from an abnormal autoimmune response, which causes the body to send antibodies to attack otherwise healthy tissue. The disease can affect all areas of the intestine as well as the patient's anus and mouth.

Another more common disease that could affect a person's bowels is celiac disease, according to Healthline. It is considered a genetic disease in which a person's body is unable to digest a food protein called gluten. As of 2015, it is thought that eating gluten stimulates the body's natural immune response to attack the lining of the intestine. This could result in damage to the organ as well as several adverse side effects,

Intestinal obstructions, such as cancers, ulcers or infections, can block a person's bowels, as Healthline indicates. Most often, these types of obstructions result from physical injury or the use of some types of medicine. However, the causes of these obstructions are very wide and a proper diagnosis must first be made to treat this type of bowel disorder.

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