What Disease Symptoms Are Included in the 401.9 Medical Diagnosis Code?


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According to the CDC website, the ICD-9 code of 401.9 is described as Unspecified Essential Hypertension. The Mayo Clinic advises that most people who have high blood pressure have no signs or symptoms to report, however some have reported headaches or nosebleeds.

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The Healthline website defines blood pressure as the force of blood against your artery walls as your heart pumps blood through your body. Hypertension occurs when this force is too strong: A normal blood pressure is less than 120/80 mmHg according to the website, which also states that nearly 95 percent of high blood pressure cases are classified as essential hypertension.The site also notes that while there is no cure for essential hypertension, there are treatments available.

The Mayo Clinic website points out headaches, shortness of breath and nosebleeds as being examples of signs and symptoms of high blood pressure, however these typically do not occur until high blood pressure has reached a life-threatening stage. The Mayo Clinic recommends having a blood pressure screening performed at least every two years, starting at the age of 18. It is likely that your doctor will recommend having more frequent readings taken if you have already been diagnosed with high blood pressure or are at risk for cardiovascular diseases.

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