What Are the Disadvantages of Too Much Vitamin E?


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Doctors are not sure of the disadvantages of taking too much vitamin E, but long-term use of the vitamin may increase the risk of stroke. People with diabetes or heart conditions may also exacerbate their risk of heart failure, says WebMD.

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People with digestive problems, cystic fibrosis and low-fat diets benefit the most from vitamin E supplements. The body needs vitamin E for healthy skin, eyes and a strong immune system, notes WebMD. Some people believe vitamin E can treat heart disease, but researchers have not found sufficient evidence to substantiate that claim. Take vitamin E with food and only at recommended doses.

Most people consume vitamin E in leafy vegetables, nuts, eggs and fortified cereals. Those with a vitamin E deficiency can easily take supplements; however, taking too much vitamin E can have adverse effects on the body. High amounts of vitamin E can contribute to congenital heart defects during early pregnancy, explains WebMD. One study shows that men taking vitamin E with other multivitamins have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

Headaches, bleeding and fatigue are some of the symptoms that afflict people who take too much vitamin E. Some sources recommend increasing the amount of vitamin E by eating foods that contain it rather than taking supplements, according to WebMD.

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