What Are Some Disadvantages of a Mini Neck Lift?


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Nonsurgical or mini neck lifts produce less noticeable results than surgical neck lifts, reports Today. Ultrasound neck lifts, one particular nonsurgical procedure, can be painful and expensive as well as cause redness and swelling.

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Radio frequency and laser neck lifts may require anesthesia and be ineffective, explains W magazine. Mini neck lifts involving toxin and filler injections may cause discomfort, swelling and bruises, according to Dr. Michael R. Macdonald. Injected toxins might cause problems with sight, muscle control and speech, notes Mayo Clinic. Nonsurgical lifts using special threads may result in visible or moving sutures, pain or short-lived improvement, reports The New York Times. Physicians who provide nonsurgical procedures may also have inadequate training and experience.

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