What Are Some Directions for Using a Neti Pot?


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To use a neti pot, fill the pot with a saltwater solution, tilt the head sideways over a sink, pour the solution into the upper nostril so that it drains through the lower nostril while leaving the mouth open for breathing, and then repeat the steps with the head turned the opposite way, explains Mayo Clinic. When preparing a homemade saltwater solution, use distilled or sterilized bottled water whenver possible. If using tap water, filter or boil it first.

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The use of a neti pot is a form of nasal irrigation that is helpful for sinus problems such as allergies, congestion, or sinus pain and pressure, says WebMD. The saline solution thins the mucus and helps to flush it out of the nasal passages along with allergens or other irritants. Some people find it relieves their sinus symptoms without the use of medication or other treatment. Studies show that daily use of a neti pot or other forms of nasal irrigation relieves sinus symptoms and, once the symptoms are gone, performing irrigation about three times a week is enough to keep them away. Ear, nose and throat surgeons often recommend nasal irrigation for patients recovering from sinus surgery, as a way to clear out crusted mucus from their nasal passages.

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