How Does Dinintel Work?

Dinintel is a brand name version of the drug clobenzorex, which is an N-substitute amphetamine. As a stimulant, it suppresses the appetite and reduces fatigue. All forms of clobenzorex are illegal in the United States, according to Vital Health Partners.

Like all substitute amphetamines, Dinintel temporarily increases levels of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. It also changes the receptiveness of neurons and neural pathways. These changes in the brain vary based on the specific substitute amphetamine used, which is why the different drugs have slightly different effects. Dinintel is favored as a weight-loss drug because of its strong appetite suppression properties and is available widely in Central America by prescription, notes Vital Health Partners. It is an N-substitute amphetamine, which means the body metabolizes it into amphetamine.

Although once used in the United States, Dinintel has been illegal for a number of years due to its frequent side effects, including rapid heart rate, respiration difficulty and anxiety. Additionally, abuse of the drug puts users at risk for methamphetamine use and addiction. Mayo Clinic strongly advises patients to not buy medications online that are not legal for purchase in the United States. Imported drugs can be contaminated or mislabeled. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency advises that possessing a drug that is not legally sold in the United States is a crime.