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Humans get cheek dimples either through genetics or from cosmetic surgery, according to Stanford's Museum of Innovation and FOX 10 Phoenix. The ratio of people with natural dimples to those without is roughly 11 to 1, meaning 1 in every 11 people have dimples even though the gene for dimples is dominant in the human genome. Dimpleplasty surgery is a procedure that has been around for 30 years.

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Geneticist Barry Starr of Stanford explains dimples do not give a genetic advantage in human populations. Therefore, the ratio of those with and without dimples remains the same over multiple generations. Even though the gene for dimples is dominant, the expression of the gene is rare. Because there is no reason for it, the ratio of people with dimples has not increased despite explosions in human populations.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Kotler, in a 2010 WebMD piece, states that no matter how well a surgeon tries, artificial dimples simply are not as aesthetically pleasing as natural ones. Kotler also explains complications, dissatisfaction and problems "typically" arise after plastic surgery procedures.

FOX 10 Phoenix explains dimpleplasty surgery is a one-day, outpatient process. One patient reportedly took 30 minutes for the entire surgery. Dimpleplasties have become more popular partially because they are more affordable.

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