What Is Dimethicone Cream?


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Dimethicone cream is a skin moisturizer used to treat or prevent the development of mild rashes or dry, itchy skin, according to Drugs.com. It is applied externally on the affected area. The user should not bandage the area unless instructed by the doctor.

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Dimethicone cream should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding without discussing any related risks with a doctor. Drugs.com and WebMD list a number of mild and severe side effects of dimethicone cream. Common unwanted reactions include the sensation of stinging, burning or itching in the affected skin area. In rare cases, users may develop more serious side effects such as signs of skin infection or too much moisture, or symptoms of allergic reactions such as dizziness, difficulty in breathing, itchiness or the swelling of the face, throat or tongue.

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