How Do You Get a Digital Smile Makeover From Lumineers?


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To get a free digital smile from Lumineers, visit the LUMISmile page on the Lumineers website. Call the number to visit an approved dentist, take a before picture of your smile, and then receive the after photo showing what the cosmetic treatment looks like, according to Lumineers.

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The LUMISmile digital makeover is meant to show a person what his teeth can look like after getting the treatment, explains Lumineers. It is completely free and done in the dentist's office. It only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. The dentist takes a photo, and then uploads it to a computer program. The program is used to digitally apply Lumineers to the person's teeth; the dentist then prints the after photo for the patient. It shows how the treatment helps with discoloration, gaps and misalignment of teeth. This helps the patient make an informed decision about the treatment and whether it is right for him.

The person needs to visit a dentist who is an approved Lumineers dentist, states Lumineers. This information is available on the Lumineers website. Go to the dentist locator page and enter the nearest ZIP code to get a list of nearby dentists that provide Lumineers, and information about whether they have the digital makeover technology in their office.

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