What Are Some Different Ways to Cuddle?


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Some different cuddle positions are spooning, the half-spoon, verona skeletons and back-to-back. The body language involved in cuddling is indicative of how the cuddlers feel for each other, and can show whether a relationship is going well or if there is cause for concern.

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When you go to bed, your subconscious takes over and moves your body into positions that it finds to be emotionally and physically comfortable. A study by Professor Richard Wiseman shows that 86 percent of couples who sleep within an inch of each other are experiencing happy relationships. Spooning and half-spooning are popular cuddles because couples are comfortably wrapped up with each other. Spooning occurs when two people are facing the same direction on their sides, and one person is effectively wrapped up in the arms of the person at her back. Half-spooning occurs when the conditions are the same, but the person who is wrapped up is laying on her back instead of her side.

The verona skeleton is a cuddle where two people lay on their sides facing each other. It's common for their heads to touch and for their hands and knees to overlap. Back-to-back cuddling occurs when two people are laying on their sides and are facing away from one another with only their butts touching. Though back-to-back cuddling does not allow people to face each other, it isn't an indicator that things are going poorly, and can instead indicate a preference of physical comfort combined with a desire to stay connected and committed.

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