What Are Different Types of Warts That Affect the Hand?

Different types of warts that affect the hand are common warts, periungual warts, filiform warts and flat warts, according to American Family Physician. Another type of wart that grows on the hand is the palmer wart, according to WebMD. Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus, and physicians are able to know what kind they are just from their appearance.

Common warts are hard, domed and irregular, says American Family Physician. They are easily spread, either through touching someone who has a wart or touching something contaminated with the virus. Even tiny injuries to the skin cause a person who already has a wart to spread the virus nearly everywhere on his body.

Periungual warts grow at the edges of the both fingernails and toenails, according to American Family Physician. They are rough, tend to peel and can deform the nail, sometimes permanently. Flat warts resemble common warts except they are smooth and flat. Children sometimes have them on their faces, hands and feet. Filiform warts have projections that resemble leaves.

Palmer warts tend to be small, and because they are found on the hands and not the soles of the feet, they protrude more than plantar warts, says WebMD. Sometimes they appear with tiny black dots that look like seeds, but are actually blood vessels.