What Are the Different Types of Walking Clubs?


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Types of walking clubs include social walking clubs, hiking clubs and volkssport clubs. Social walking clubs are walking groups started by two or more individuals who are tired of walking alone or who have reached performance plateaus that they can overcome by adding a more social element to their exercise routines. The club helps encourage participation, provides support and encouragement, and helps track progress and boost performance.

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The group can mingle and collaborate to hold non-walking social events for themselves for awards or organize charity walk events. Social walking clubs also provide a means of meeting other people.

Hiking clubs are similar to social walking clubs, with an emphasis on more physically demanding hikes that may be of longer duration, involve more challenging terrain or both. These groups help a walker to train and build endurance before attempting to accomplish a personal goal, such as climbing a particularly challenging mountain or completing a particular trail. These clubs may also have a social component and offer friendship and support to members. Experiences of fellow members can encourage individuals to achieve personal goals.

Volkssport walking clubs are clubs whose members are devoted to personal fitness through a program of safe exercise in a stress-free environment. The activities may involve walks and hikes as well as swimming, biking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The American Volkssporting Association is a nonprofit group that organizes volkssporting clubs, sponsors over 3,000 events and offers planned routes, record-keeping and awards recognition to its members..

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